Sabrina Washington

Growing up as a child I always knew I wanted to sing..

My parents (Jamaican born and bred) played loud music and told me I could sleep through anything..
At nursery I enjoyed rhymes and remembered them all too..
When I got older I wrote lyrics to get out of the boredom that knew..
My mum was really strict so I was confined mainly to my room..
It was okay because I sang and learned to rap in my room..

I was attracted to beats and how they made me feel..
How I could take a unreal situation and make it real..
That's when I feel in love with the words that came from my pen..  
I could write anything and make a whole new world of pretend..
I could be rich, be poor, be big, be small, the options would never end..

In 2001 I was a part of a group which toured the world,
with 2 other girls my dreams had finally come true..
I learnt a lot of lessons in what was real and what was untrue.
We had walls full of accolades to show that we had done good..
When the curtain came down I was standing on my own dazed and.. confused by the silence that was so loud a place I never knew..

It took a little while for me to be myself again..
Frustrated by this thing called music - which was my so called best friend.. 
So I went for a long time without music - I retired my pen.
Then after my lows came my highs and I was writing again.
I've rekindled my affair with music and I’m never without my trusted bic pen.

So I share with you my music and I hope you that enjoy, if it makes you cry, smile or laugh, I've done my job!
I always said I wanted to wake up everyday and say I love what I do..
Which is the case for my love of music,
and all my listeners that have helped make my dreams come true!!